Boris Johnson joins Jane Hunt in Nottingham South

Boris Johnson today joined the campaign trail in Nottingham South with our candidate, Jane Hunt. 

Whilst in Nottingham Boris visited RH Commercial Vehicles on Lenton Lane. as well as pulling pints with Jane at The Peacock, Clifton.

"Nottingham has an incredible future," he added. "The future of Nottingham is to remember the glorious past. It is to think global. That does not mean in any way to diminish the importance of the EU. But 93 per cent of the world does not come from the EU."

When asked why the Conservatives had apparently decided to focus on Notts in the early weeks of the campaign, he said: “How can anyone want to stay away from Notts for more than six days?"

Speaking about Nottingham South, Boris said “It’s clearly a crucial battleground for the election but one where we feel there’s a story to tell about companies like this [RH Commercial Vehicles]. Our goal is to care for everyone in our economy."