Conservative Councillor Andrew Rule Fights For Better Transport Connections

Clifton North Conservative Councillor, Andrew Rule, has successfully fought for Wilford and Silverdale residents in lobbying for the Skylink Express to call at both communities. This is to radically improve residents access to key transport links including the City Centre, East Midlands Parkway, and East Midlands Airport. Last September, Councillor Rule presented a petition to a Full Council, calling for the City Council to lobby Skylink directly, and after prolonged correspondence with the operator, was informed by the operator on the 11th of July that his lobbying had been successful in reintroducing a stop at Wilford Green, with further consideration for a Silverdale stop in the months ahead.

This is a tremendous success for Councillor Rule and shows that our Nottingham Conservative Councillors are fighting day-to-day for their local residents and will continue to do so.

Read the full response from Skylink's Managing Director below:

Dear Andrew,

Given our greater experience in operating this service, and subsequent analysis of passenger flows, boarding and alighting destinations, we introduced (with short notice dispensation) a new stop at Wilford Lane from last Sunday, 9th July.
Very few customers used the service to connect at the Clifton tram P&R stop and we will cease to observe this stop in due course. The service is becoming increasingly popular and, hopefully, we can continue to build on this success given the nature of the service and overriding demand for speedy end to end journey times.
We will continue to monitor in the months ahead and also consider Silverdale as part of any future development plans. In the meantime I trust the above provides some good news for those who reside and work in the Wilford area of the city.