Prime Minister Theresa May visits Nottingham

Prime Minister Theresa May has been in Carlton today, urging local voters in target constituencies across Nottingham to discard party loyalties.

She said the election next month is about the people deciding who they want to lead the country through Brexit negotiations as her party target the Mansfield seat.

 "This isn't about who people have voted for in the past - it's about who they want to lead this country over the next five years. We need to get the strongest agreement and the best possible deal for Britain from the EU. That matters to people in Mansfield, and across Nottinghamshire."

This comes after Prime Minister Theresa May stated that there were no 'no go areas' for Tories in local elections as Labour are 'totally out of touch' as she launched the local elections campaign previouslyin Calverton, Nottinghamshire, in which the Conservative Party became the largest group at Nottinghamshire County Council, and entered into a coalition with the Mansfield Independent Forum.