Marc Nykolyszyn

Parliamentary Candidate for Nottm South

I am thrilled to be standing in Nottingham South! I was born and raised nearby in Leicestershire so it is wonderful to be out talking to residents in an area I would often visit and have so many memories growing up. 

Outside of politics, I work as a professional fundraiser for non-profits and am a passionate advocate for their ability to tackle the world's big issues. I have dedicated my career to educational and environmental causes and have so far raised over £2 million to support their work. I currently work in fundraising to support ocean conservation.

I am standing at this election because our Parliament hasn’t been working for us and I, like so many, am fed up. For over three years, we have endured endless delays and political games when we should be getting on with the country’s priorities.

Regardless of whether people voted to leave or remain, the feedback I receive on the doorstep is people want us to break the Brexit impasse and move our country forward.

If elected, I will make sure Nottingham benefits from the nationwide recruitment of 20,000 more police officers, £33.9 billion towards our NHS, and funding increases for every school. This is what I want 2020 to be about, not wasting time on two more referendums! The choice at this election has never been clearer and I hope I can count on your support!  


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